Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our little mermaid

This weekend was our first big swim meet now that Princess is swimming year a round.   The meet was at a local high school and there were tons of kids there.  Since I have never been to an area meet, I was totally unprepared.  swim My  sweetie had to work and he took Gameboy with him.  I loaded up the twins and Princess bright and early for the meet.  I packed the swim gear, diaper bag, double stroller and food for everyone.   I assumed because the meet was indoors I would not need chairs, big mistake.  We had to wait until our turn to swim in a hot crowded gym on the floor. Luckily some other parents offered an extra chair when it was time to feed the babies.  Even if I had properly prepared, I am not sure how I would have carried everything.   I also thought I could just wheel the girls to the pool to watch Princess swim, but I realized the only place to watch the swimmers was an upstairs observation deck.  Praise God Grammy came to watch and helped me carry the babies up to see the swimmers. 

Princess really loves swimming and she was in the 25m breaststroke, 25m backstroke and 25m freestyle.   swim2

It was crazy to me how  competitive  some parents are!!  The meet was for 6, 7 and  8 year olds, and some parents wore their own timers and had private coaches for their kids.  Princess had lots of fun and was one place away from getting a ribbon in the back stroke. 

The babies did very good and did lots of this.  swim4 















Gameboy was able to see two races and he was  proud of his big sister.  He was so funny!  As soon as he arrived, he couldn’t wait to go to the “confession stand” to get a snack.  He definitely is her biggest fan.swim5

We are happy she has found something she loves to do that is also great exercise.  She is so hungry from all that hard work and we can’t feed her enough.  Thank you Grammy for taking pictures with your phone!  Hopefully, I will get better at outings and remember my camera.  This will get easier someday soon right?

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