Sunday, October 11, 2009

Future Ole Miss Rebels

If you know my sweetie, you know what a big football fan he is!!! If there is a game on, college or pro, it is on at our house. Today was the big Ole Miss/Alabama game. We are Ole Miss alums and big fans. My friend Hat Chick gave us the cutest Ole Miss booties and I made some matching onesies. You can’t get Ole Miss gear in Houston so the homemade version was the best I could do. Princess and I gave the girls a bath and dressed them in their game gear.

Sarah Beth and Sydney Anne

IMG_1556 IMG_1571

They watched some and slept some, even though we were cheering loudly. IMG_1569

Ole Miss did not play well. We were so sad about our loss!

Ole Miss 3 Alabama 22IMG_1589

See Sarah doesn’t like it either. Better luck next week. We still love our Rebels!

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