Sunday, October 4, 2009


Last Tuesday, I loaded up the girls and took them to the doctor.  It took much longer than expected to get out the door and I was so thankful Grammy was here to help me.  It took two people to load them in the stroller, the car and then figure out how to collapse the stroller.  It was a workout and I am sure it won’t be long and these pregnancy pounds will be gone.Stroller The doctor wanted to check them a week early to look at their bilirubin levels and weight.  Doc says their jaundice looked much better, but he wanted them both to gain more weight.  So we adjusted their feeding schedule and are hoping to see some weight gain at this Tuesday’s appointment.

Miss SarahIMG_1457 Weight 5 lbs 1%

Height 18 inches 1%

Head Circumference 12 3/4 2%

Miss SydneyIMG_1481  Weight 5lbs 1%

Height 17 1/2 –28%

Head Circumference 12 1/4 –1%

Sydney still has trouble nursing and takes a bottle and Sarah now takes a couple of bottles to supplement her eating.  I praying that they are gaining weight.  They are precious and we love them so much!IMG_1489

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