Sunday, June 27, 2010

Celebration of Baptism

We are overjoyed to announce the baptism of both Princess and Gameboy. IMG_2341 Princess asked Jesus into to her heart a few years ago, but has been nervous about baptism.  She started asking God to show her more about it and decided it was time for everyone to know about her decision to follow Jesus.  It has been really neat to watch her grow in her faith.    Gameboy has recently prayed to receive Christ and wanted to be baptized immediately.  We encouraged him to take the pre-baptism class and meet with our pastor.  It was neat to watch him explain his relationship with Christ to others.  When talking with our pastor he compared reading his Bible to a super vegetable! 

Here they are dressed and ready to go.IMG_2345   IMG_2351 IMG_2352

IMG_2354 IMG_2356

Pastor Darren with the Princess. IMG_2359

Pastor Darren and Gameboy.IMG_2358

We were so blessed to celebrate with family.IMG_2361

IMG_2360 Your love for Jesus Christ
Shines through in all you do
For there are many that will see
The hope of Christ in you
We thank the Lord for you
For bringing you to this place
To be baptized in His precious name
And to walk on in His grace.
© By M.S.Lowndes

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Swim Team

This year Gameboy joined Princess on the summer swim team and it was a great experience for both kids.scan0001

We were busy attending 4 practices a week at different times and our weekends were full with 9 swim meets.  We appreciate Daddy so much.  He got up super early every Saturday morning to set up our tent and make sure we had everything ready.   P5210052

 Princess loves to swim and all her hard work in year around swimming really paid off this season. She loves to be in the water, but also loves to hang out with her friends in between events.

IMG_2408 Her favorite strokes are 25M freestyle (19.16 sec), 25M backstroke (22.85 sec), and 25 M butterfly (24.87 seconds).     Her team does a great job of recognizing the kids improvements and Princess loves to get ribbons.  She still displays them proudly in her room.  We are so happy she found a sport she loves  and are looking forward to watching her swim year around again this year.

Gameboy has come a long way this swim season. P5210057 He started the year loving to be in the water, but never had a swim lesson.  His first practice he did a cannonball off the block.   Gameboy learned both the freestyle, backstroke and how to dive off the block.  In the beginning, it took him over a minute and a half to get across the pool.  He can now swim both strokes in less than 40 seconds.    He too loved meeting new friends and eating snacks at the meet.

Here he is ready to go.P6110228

Lots of family came to watch and Gameboy loved hanging out with family.P5210062

Sarah and Sydney were troopers and were very good on the long hot days.P5210053 P5210054  P5210055P5210056

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

9 months old!

I can’t believe these sweet girls are 9 months old!  They are spending lots of time in the pool and love to play in the water.P6110218

They are the best babies!  Always on the go…and such easy dispositions.   They are both crawling everywhere.  They love to explore the house, but usually travel together.  P7030233

Here are there stats.  The doc said they looked good, but he was concerned that they have not had a growth spurt.  So we have increased their calories by adding more powder and less water to their formula.  I am excited because he said they are ready for table food too.

Sarah BethP6110206 P6110209

Weight: 15 lbs 6.5 oz 3%

Height: 25 ¾ inches 5%

Head Circumference: 17 inches 26 %

                                                                Sarah loves to stick out her tongue. She looks just like Gameboy when she does this.  She loves to play peek a boo and laughs out loud. 

Sydney Anne P7030239P7030248 Weight: 13lbs 14 oz -1%

Height: 25 1/4 inches 1%

Head Circumference:16 ¼ inches 1%

Sydney may be small, but she has a big personality.  She now has two bottom teeth, and no longer sucks her two fingers.  Princess gave her a binky and she loves it almost as much as Princess did. 

We are so blessed to have you in our family!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Helpers

As I wondered about summer, I was so concerned about entertaining the big kids and I really did not think about how helpful they would be.  Every morning Gameboy helps with the first feeding.IMG_2318

He can calm them down when they are sad and even make them laugh out loud.   I treasure our time snuggling in my bed and it’s a great way to start our day.

IMG_2314 IMG_2312

In other news, Miss Sarah is now standing in her bed, instead of sleeping, so we had to lower her crib last night.  Here are some pictures of the girls playing together while we adjusted Sarah’s bed.  We kept the tool in the drawer because Sydney won’t be far behind her.IMG_2319

Hey mom look at me!

IMG_2320   IMG_2322   IMG_2328

Please put her back in her bed so I can sleep!!IMG_2329  I am so thankful for my family and I love them!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Princess is 9!

My sweet baby girl is 9 and we had a blast celebrating with her!  The celebration began with a trip to Schlitterbahn with our good friends the Kerr’s.  She got to miss the last day of school and we missed all the crowds.  We spent 2 days in the park and Ms. Penny made sure we rode every ride.  Thanks to Grammy and Papa for taking care of the babies while we were away.  We had a great trip and I loved hanging with the big kids.  IMG_0728

I forgot my camera so here is a picture of us from our last trip there 2 years ago.  I can’t believe how much everyone has changed.

Once we got home, we unpacked and began planning our Bunco Bash.  We had so much fun together making all the decorations and prizes.  I loved spending time with Princess and she is very creative.   Here a few pictures of the things we made.IMG_2289 IMG_2290


The girls arrived and we ate Chick-fil-a nuggets and bagel bites.  Princess even made the plates look like dice.  IMG_2288

Then we taught everyone to play the game.  They caught on quick and had a blast.IMG_2282

Mimi and Grammy came to help keep score.IMG_2284

The cake was so cute and delicious.IMG_2287

Princess was so sweet to include Gameboy too.  He had fun playing the game.IMG_2295

We gave out prizes and opened gifts.  Then everyone jumped in the pool.  It was a great night. 

IMG_2297 IMG_2298

IMG_2300 IMG_2301

IMG_2302 IMG_2303

IMG_2304 IMG_2305

IMG_2306 IMG_2307

Princess has some great friends and we are so thankful they were able to make her day special. 

Princess you are a beautiful girl inside and out and I am so proud to be your mom.