Saturday, January 30, 2010

One lucky lady

I am one lucky lady! Eleven years ago today, I married this guy.scan0006

See what I mean!! Isn’t he handsome! We had a beautiful wedding. As I look back at our special day, I have so many good memories. We were so young and nervous. I thought David was going to pass out as I walked down the isle, but when he took my hand I knew it was right. He was my gift that God had created just for me.scan0005 Our reception was so much fun! We had a blast with friends and family. All the little details came together.scan0007Good thing I didn’t notice that the napkins said Angie and Daniel. It’s pretty funny now though, Daniel was in the wedding party just not the groom.

I have loved being married to you David!! Thank you for making these years so special. It feels like much more than 11 years. We have an almost twenty year history together ~scan0001 Starting with our high school days.scan0009

then college years scan0008 life without kidsDavid ,Angie and kids

new parentsIMG_1372 new parents again…a whole tapestry woven out of love and shared memories.

You are so much a part of me and a part of my happiness that it's impossible to imagine what life would have been like without you...

You are my best friend, my love, and I am happy to be your wife. Happy Anniversary!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

1st meal

Doc gave the girls the go ahead to start some rice cereal and Princess was so excited to feed them.IMG_2038IMG_2041 IMG_2048

I am so thankful for Princess!  She is such a good helper.  I think she will be a wonderful mother someday!IMG_2049

I am not sure which part she liked better…feeding them or giving them a bath afterwards.IMG_2057

I am hoping the cereal helps them gain weight so they can sleep better.

Dear Sarah and Sydney,

Congratulations!  You slept through the night on January 27th.  Praise God!!!  Then last night you were up again.  I know you miss seeing my smiling face, but we would all feel better if you BOTH could sleep at night.  


Your mommy

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lots of good news

January has been a good month in the Swan house.  I am still adjusting to life with twins, but I am figuring out what works for me.  I find that life is lonelier, but I am sure that when improve when I get better at getting out of the house with the girls.   So here’s a random post about the good things that are going on around here.   First, this sweetie got straight A’s!!!IMG_1309Princess always works hard on her school work, and often gets one B.  Usually her B is an 89 and she was so excited to get all A’s.  Way to go Princess!  Your hard work paid off.

From my previous posts, you know that I don’t enjoy going to the store, but I have a bad habit that requires me to restock my frig.  I love to drink thisUnited States Coke Can

I know this is terrible for my waistline and now that I am a grown up (ha ha) I often replace it with this

View Image

But in my desperation for caffeine, I now have a new love for this… the French Vanilla K-Cup®K cup.  Mine has lots of cream and barely resembles coffee, but I love it.   I feel so grown up and relaxed after a cup.   Now when a friend asks me to go get some coffee, I will actually enjoy the experience.  After a cup, I can often open my eyes after very little sleep.  It’s a good thing.

I am trying to keep my house in better order this new year and would like to introduce you to my personal nag  online coach.FlyLady's FlyToon  She has really helped me keep the CHAOS away by sending me lots of annoying emails asking me whether the laundry is done, what’s for dinner, is your sink clean etc.  This has helped me do a better job of taking care of the not so fun duties of motherhood.  I have also started praying for my kids as I fold their laundry.  This really helps the job go by faster and definitely keeps me from grumbling and complaining.  If you are struggling with keeping your house in order, I highly recommend

Last but not least, my sweetie gave me thisCarnival Elation

I am so excited to get away!  I love to cruise and I am looking forward to some kid free days with my best friend.  I am so thankful to these two ladies for making the trip possible.P1010163

You may ask why I chose to post this picture.  I am planning on putting this picture on my fridge to motivate me to get in shape.  So no more pop tarts ok. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Everybody needs a brother like this

Sweet Gameboy has had a hard time at school the past couple of weeks.  We have made a few changes at home and had several conversations with him and his teacher.  Yesterday, I prayed as I dropped him off at the bus stop, that he would have a great day.  Every time I pick him up from school, I can tell by his face whether it was good or bad.  He was grinning ear to ear so I asked,  how was your day?  Mom, I saved Princess. You saved Princess, how?  Well, she was not on the bus, and I made the bus driver stop.  The driver wanted to leave her at school, and I wouldn’t let them leave without my sister.  I wouldn’t want her to have to sleep at school…I would miss her.  Oh sweetie, I would miss her too.  You are a great brother.PB060006

Hey mom, I also got a note from my teacher that says I had a great day and I think we should celebrate. 

Yum!  Here’s to many more great days Gameboy!  We love you.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

4 month olds

Wow!  What a month.  You both have doubled in size since birth.  You have grown so much and are really noticing the  world.    I love to watch you interact with each other and “talk”.  IMG_2027 You love to play with your toys and try to grab things.  Sydney you play so hard so often end up like this.IMG_2021 or this

IMG_2023 IMG_2034  Sarah you don’t want to miss anything.  This is the look you give me at naptime.IMG_2035

Mom, there is too much going on for me to sleep.  IMG_2026 You got your first colds :( and started teething too.  The doctor was so happy with your progress and recommended you add cereal to your diet.  You didn’t like waiting an hour and a half to see the doc, but were so thankful Mimi was there to help.  You got the same rounds of shots, as your 2 month visit, and ran a fever for a couple of days.  Here are your stats.

Sarah BethP1240102

Weight 11 lbs 1 oz        6%

Height 23 inches      10%

Head Circumference 15 3/4      25%P1240100

You wear a size 1 diaper and 0-3 month clothes.

Sydney Anne P1240114

Weight 10 lbs      1%

Height 22 inches      1%

Head Circumference 15 1/8      4%

P1240117 P1240118

You wear a size 1 diaper and some newborn and 0-3 month clothes.  P1240110

You both bring JOY to our family and we love you.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Keeping it Real

It’s official.  I am THAT LADY in the grocery store.  You know the one with the crying kids who looks like she hasn’t showered in weeks.  The one you looked down upon before you had kids wondering why she doesn’t have it together.  She doesn’t make eye contact with anyone for fear she might see someone she knows.  She gets two carts because her big kids argue over who is going to push.  She pushes the babies in the double stroller (aka bus) and together they look like a parade.  She gets LOTS of “bless your heart”, “they grow up so fast” and “you must have your hands full”!!   She smiles at these remarks and is amazed that they don’t make her feel any better about her current situation.  The babies who seemed happy at home and even on the ride over start to scream as soon as she takes them out of the car.    She jockeys from putting pacifiers in babies mouths to calming the big kids with junk food.  She hurries down each isle and doesn’t look at her list.  By the time she reaches the checkout, one baby is really crying.  Strangers are trying to give her a pacifier and she knows that won’t help so she picks her up.  The big kids see that mom is about to cry herself so they help unload a cart full of treats like pop tarts, kid yogurt, goldfish, cookies, chicken nuggets, and mac and cheese.   They then squeeze one more candy bar each out mom in her moment of weakness.  The teenagers at the register have no clue how to help and stare at her like she is from another planet.  Once the parade leaves the store, there is still lots to be done before heading home.  Loading the kids and screaming babies into the car leaves little room for the bus and the groceries, but she manages to find space for it all.  At home, she realizes she forgot half of her list, but will cook anything to keep from going back there.  Praise the Lord she got a rotisserie chicken!  That will work for dinner tonight and the rest of the week will be full of kid friendly meals of no nutritional value.  She writes all this down only as a reminder to go to the store at NIGHT no matter how tired she gets.  The peace is so worth it.  Now I am off to go eat another pop tart.  :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hey! Having a sister is pretty cool.

Sarah and Sydney are really starting to interact with one another and it is pretty fun to watch. IMG_2006

I like being close. Tummy time is so much fun when you have someone to look at.IMG_2007

Is this my sister, mom? What’s her name again.IMG_2008

I like her mommy! Can I pat her on the head?