Friday, October 23, 2009

One Month Olds…where does the time go?

Life has been going by so quickly at our house.  I can’t believe the babies are one month old already.   Time flies when you are having fun!  Here’s a few pictures to show how much they have grown.

Sarah and Sydney just a few days old


Sarah and Sydney at 1 month old


Sarah and Sydney just a few days old


Sarah and Sydney at 1 month old


Look how much they have grown. They really don’t look comfortable sharing the bouncy seat anymore, but they love to be close to one another.  If I lay them on either side of the pack and play, they always wake up next to each other.  I love the sounds they are starting to make, and I have even gotten a few toothless grins.  Too bad I am not a good photographer, because I have no pictures of there smiles yet.  Yea!  Sydney has learned to nurse, and I am balancing both breast milk and formula hoping to find a mix that works for our busy life.    I am not getting much sleep at night, but these girls are worth the sleepless nights.  They are a true joy to me!! 

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  1. So very precious......thay look as if they've doubled in size!! And I can tell they're different facial features now...can you tell them apart? Do they have different cries?....Twins are amazing!