Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lots of good news

January has been a good month in the Swan house.  I am still adjusting to life with twins, but I am figuring out what works for me.  I find that life is lonelier, but I am sure that when improve when I get better at getting out of the house with the girls.   So here’s a random post about the good things that are going on around here.   First, this sweetie got straight A’s!!!IMG_1309Princess always works hard on her school work, and often gets one B.  Usually her B is an 89 and she was so excited to get all A’s.  Way to go Princess!  Your hard work paid off.

From my previous posts, you know that I don’t enjoy going to the store, but I have a bad habit that requires me to restock my frig.  I love to drink thisUnited States Coke Can

I know this is terrible for my waistline and now that I am a grown up (ha ha) I often replace it with this

View Image

But in my desperation for caffeine, I now have a new love for this… the French Vanilla K-Cup®K cup.  Mine has lots of cream and barely resembles coffee, but I love it.   I feel so grown up and relaxed after a cup.   Now when a friend asks me to go get some coffee, I will actually enjoy the experience.  After a cup, I can often open my eyes after very little sleep.  It’s a good thing.

I am trying to keep my house in better order this new year and would like to introduce you to my personal nag  online coach.FlyLady's FlyToon  She has really helped me keep the CHAOS away by sending me lots of annoying emails asking me whether the laundry is done, what’s for dinner, is your sink clean etc.  This has helped me do a better job of taking care of the not so fun duties of motherhood.  I have also started praying for my kids as I fold their laundry.  This really helps the job go by faster and definitely keeps me from grumbling and complaining.  If you are struggling with keeping your house in order, I highly recommend

Last but not least, my sweetie gave me thisCarnival Elation

I am so excited to get away!  I love to cruise and I am looking forward to some kid free days with my best friend.  I am so thankful to these two ladies for making the trip possible.P1010163

You may ask why I chose to post this picture.  I am planning on putting this picture on my fridge to motivate me to get in shape.  So no more pop tarts ok. 


  1. Yee-HAW! Big trip! Saw your FB about the babies sleeping one full night. Just the first of what will become routine very soon. You hang in there girl!

  2. Oh Ang - you always look beautiful and I admire you so much ... for the woman and mom you've become! I love reading your posts on FB and checking into your blog to see what's going on. :)

  3. I, too, LOVE Coke (Regular-- not diet!), LOVE my K Cups (Hazelnut is my fav), and LOVE Fly Lady!!

    I remember life feeling lonely when my twins were born too. After sick season and after things start to feel 'normal' (however our normal probably isn't anyone else's normal! ha!), it will be soooo much better. Things are crazy :) but we get out and about everyday and just make it work (for our sanity- ha!). Hang in there! What a gorgeous family you have!!