Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Keeping it Real

It’s official.  I am THAT LADY in the grocery store.  You know the one with the crying kids who looks like she hasn’t showered in weeks.  The one you looked down upon before you had kids wondering why she doesn’t have it together.  She doesn’t make eye contact with anyone for fear she might see someone she knows.  She gets two carts because her big kids argue over who is going to push.  She pushes the babies in the double stroller (aka bus) and together they look like a parade.  She gets LOTS of “bless your heart”, “they grow up so fast” and “you must have your hands full”!!   She smiles at these remarks and is amazed that they don’t make her feel any better about her current situation.  The babies who seemed happy at home and even on the ride over start to scream as soon as she takes them out of the car.    She jockeys from putting pacifiers in babies mouths to calming the big kids with junk food.  She hurries down each isle and doesn’t look at her list.  By the time she reaches the checkout, one baby is really crying.  Strangers are trying to give her a pacifier and she knows that won’t help so she picks her up.  The big kids see that mom is about to cry herself so they help unload a cart full of treats like pop tarts, kid yogurt, goldfish, cookies, chicken nuggets, and mac and cheese.   They then squeeze one more candy bar each out mom in her moment of weakness.  The teenagers at the register have no clue how to help and stare at her like she is from another planet.  Once the parade leaves the store, there is still lots to be done before heading home.  Loading the kids and screaming babies into the car leaves little room for the bus and the groceries, but she manages to find space for it all.  At home, she realizes she forgot half of her list, but will cook anything to keep from going back there.  Praise the Lord she got a rotisserie chicken!  That will work for dinner tonight and the rest of the week will be full of kid friendly meals of no nutritional value.  She writes all this down only as a reminder to go to the store at NIGHT no matter how tired she gets.  The peace is so worth it.  Now I am off to go eat another pop tart.  :)

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  1. such an accurate account - you forgot to mention what might happen should mom have to go to the bathroom! oh, the drama! GOD is so BIG - only HE can help us manage all of this! Bless your heart! Love you my sweet friend!