Thursday, January 28, 2010

1st meal

Doc gave the girls the go ahead to start some rice cereal and Princess was so excited to feed them.IMG_2038IMG_2041 IMG_2048

I am so thankful for Princess!  She is such a good helper.  I think she will be a wonderful mother someday!IMG_2049

I am not sure which part she liked better…feeding them or giving them a bath afterwards.IMG_2057

I am hoping the cereal helps them gain weight so they can sleep better.

Dear Sarah and Sydney,

Congratulations!  You slept through the night on January 27th.  Praise God!!!  Then last night you were up again.  I know you miss seeing my smiling face, but we would all feel better if you BOTH could sleep at night.  


Your mommy

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  1. I have commented twice and it won't stick!

    Congrats on the babies eating so well, and on Princess doing such a good job at school and at home.