Sunday, January 24, 2010

4 month olds

Wow!  What a month.  You both have doubled in size since birth.  You have grown so much and are really noticing the  world.    I love to watch you interact with each other and “talk”.  IMG_2027 You love to play with your toys and try to grab things.  Sydney you play so hard so often end up like this.IMG_2021 or this

IMG_2023 IMG_2034  Sarah you don’t want to miss anything.  This is the look you give me at naptime.IMG_2035

Mom, there is too much going on for me to sleep.  IMG_2026 You got your first colds :( and started teething too.  The doctor was so happy with your progress and recommended you add cereal to your diet.  You didn’t like waiting an hour and a half to see the doc, but were so thankful Mimi was there to help.  You got the same rounds of shots, as your 2 month visit, and ran a fever for a couple of days.  Here are your stats.

Sarah BethP1240102

Weight 11 lbs 1 oz        6%

Height 23 inches      10%

Head Circumference 15 3/4      25%P1240100

You wear a size 1 diaper and 0-3 month clothes.

Sydney Anne P1240114

Weight 10 lbs      1%

Height 22 inches      1%

Head Circumference 15 1/8      4%

P1240117 P1240118

You wear a size 1 diaper and some newborn and 0-3 month clothes.  P1240110

You both bring JOY to our family and we love you.

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