Friday, September 4, 2009

A new low

Not much is going on at the Swan house since I have been put home imprisonment strict bed rest. I did reach a new low on the first day of resting in the recliner. I have been following all of the doctors orders. Drinking lots of fluids, eating every few hours, taking my medicine, and staying off my feet. All of those things are great for the babies, but let’s just say my waistline is suffering and I am beginning to look like a beached whale. So imagine my horror, when I try to get up to go to the bathroom and the recliner won’t close. I am so big I am breaking the furniture in our house. All I can do is laugh uncontrollably at myself and hope that I might get some new furniture in the near future. (I have been wanting a new living room set for 5 years now)

It has been over a week, since I was in the hospital and I am so thankful the babies are still cooking inside my belly. God has been so good to us. We have lots of friends and family who have helped us through the week. I have prayed a lot, read a book, and watched all of season 1 of Lost. It is hard for me to sit all day, but it what is best for the babies. The next 48 hours are really important for us. My doctor is on vacation and I don’t want the on call doctor, Dr. Fat Fingers to deliver the twins. Dr. Fat Fingers delivered Princess and let’s just say he doesn’t have the best bedside manner. He is a 6’7” giant who kind of looks like Shrek and he is a practicing attorney and ob/gyn. My sweetie got into an argument with him while I was trying to deliver Princess without an epidural. (Not by choice. Please note when delivering babies I choose drugs) So I am counting on all you prayer warriors to pray that we don’t have babies this weekend. Thanks.

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  1. Wait... an attorney and a ob/gyn ... hmmm. I'm thinking about that one.

    Keep cookin' those babies.