Sunday, September 13, 2009

Every good and perfect gift is from above

Yesterday my sweet friends hosted a baby shower for me.  It was so nice to get out of the house and see friends.  My doctor gave me the ok to go after my ultrasound on Friday.  Baby A is measuring 5 lbs and Baby B is 4.5 lbs.  I am happy they are getting bigger, and I have one more week until I reach my goal of 36 weeks.                                                                                                                         

P1010154 Against my better judgment,  I will post some pictures from the shower.    I guess it will be good to look back and remember what I looked like so close to delivery.    Look at the cute diaper cake.  It even plays music.  It looks so great in the nursery.  I am going to have to force myself to use it.  My friends did such a nice job on everything.  The decorations were so cute and the food was delicious. 


We got so many precious things and lots of diapers.P1010144Princess was so funny.  She could not understand why we had so many diapers and I kept telling her the books say you need 400 for the first month.  I guess she will see soon enough that we will use all those diapers.

Nothing is better than hanging out with these ladies.P1010156 I am so thankful for friends and for all they did to shower me with love.P1010160

I hoping to post pictures of the babies room soon and we will update the blog as soon as our little ones arrive. 


  1. You are adorable! And it looks like you had a wonderful baby shower!

    Praise the Lord for good friends that want to help you and be a're getting very, rest and rest some more!

  2. I think you look great!!!!!
    What a nice baby shower you had..
    Get you some rest :o)

  3. Glad you stopped by my blog! Having twin girls is the BEST (CrAzY but wonderful!). You look GREAT and you've made it sooo far in your pregnancy- that's awesome! My girls were born at 30 weeks, but by the grace of God are healthy silly one year olds. :) Your shower looked like fun!