Saturday, September 26, 2009


After two short days, both my Doc and the pediatrician said we could come home. Hurray! I was missing Princess and Gameboy and the comforts of home. I remember feelingIMG_1372 terrified to leave the hospital with Princess, but my perspective has definitely changed with these two. I know I am going to be up all night, but I also know that this sweet stage is so short. I also have the best helper and partner, my sweetie, who too remembers how quickly these days pass. I was so excited to change these girls into their going home outfits. It was like dressing up two dolls.IMG_1367 Daddy adjusted their car seats. Look how tiny Sarah looks in her seat. IMG_1373

We drove home carefully and anxiously awaited the arrival of Princess and Gameboy. IMG_1374 I just love this picture. The bears are beanie babies.IMG_1378


Sarah and Sydney-- Sweet New Additions To Our Family

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