Monday, August 31, 2009

So much to be thankful for…

Even though, I wrote the babies a clear cut letter on what I wanted them to do, they decided they were ready to come out on Thursday night. (Is this a sign of the future?) I went to bed not feeling so well, but that was not too unusual for me. It was the night of my sweetie’s “Fantasy Football” draft and there are no words to describe how much this man loves football. He was up late strategizing with his “FF” cohorts and luckily two of them spent the night at our house. The heartburn I felt was nothing new, but the back pain was a new complaint. At 2:00 am I woke up with contractions. I woke up my sweetie and he thoughtfully remarked, “ Can’t you just sleep through it?” It was so funny--he did not even remember saying that the next morning. I thought he might have a point, so I drank some water, took a bath and tried to go back to sleep. The pain got worse! I was timing the contractions which were now 3 minutes apart. I called my doctor (who was up organizing his photo collection at 3:00 am—who wouldn’t love this guy) and he told me to go to the hospital. Once I got there and hooked up to all the monitors, they verified that I was in labor. I started to panic. 33 weeks is too early for delivery, so I was given a steroid shot to boost the baby’s lung development and medication to stop labor. Praise God 3 rounds of the milder medication worked and the contractions stopped. I spent all day at the hospital and even though I did not have any more contractions, the doctor wanted me to spend the night to monitor the babies and me some more after my second steroid shot. I am now thankfully home on an oral medication and strict bed rest.

My sweetie has been so helpful. I am so lucky to have him. He slept on a uncomfortable couch so I would not be alone. I guess slept is not the right word when you are awakened every few hours by nurses checking vitals etc. He has gone to the store, waited on me hand and foot and taken excellent care of Princess and Gameboy. My mom has also been such a blessing. She is staying with me and helping finish the baby’s room, cleaning my house, doing laundry and keeping me company. I think I would go crazy if I was all by myself. Please pray that these babies will stay in and cook a little longer.


  1. No early curtain calls for these little show-stoppers! I have a few things from Judy that I will be giving to MiMi. Stay rested!

  2. We will sure be n prayer for the family & babies,
    Can't wait to see pictrues of them :o}