Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back to school update

Princess and Gameboy are getting into to the swing of things and settling into to there new routines. They are waking up easier in the morning and I am so proud of how much they can do on their own. I think bed rest helped them see that they can take on more and be helpful.

Gameboy had his first kindergarten project yesterday, and he liked having homework like Princess. He loves his teacher and has earned the IMG_0930privilege of taking his shoes off today. This is a big deal to him, and I think his teacher is very smart. Hopefully, he will develop a love of school this year. As soon as he gets off the bus, he is starving and ready to come home and play. Twice a week he goes to Tae Kwon Do. This has really helped him with discipline and coordination. He took a break over the summer and I was amazed by how much he remembered.

Princess is also blessed with a wonderful teacher, and she is adjusting to the homework load of 3rd grade. She also gets off the bus starving and eats while she works on her tasks. She grumbles quite a bit, but once she gets going it does not take her too long. scan0001 After lots of trial, Princess found the sport that she loves. Ballet was not for her and gymnastics was too scary. Soccer made her sweat, and she told her coach she did not want to get dirty. But swim team was just right for her!! She loved swimming so much this summer, she begged us to let her do it year around. She has been practicing just a week and has already moved up to the next level. We are proud of her and happy she found something she loves to do.


  1. What cool photos! I remember doing swimming as a kid too, it was so much fun! :)

  2. So glad to hear GB is getting into kindergarten and he likes his teacher. Princess has always been such a good swimmer....little fish.