Thursday, August 20, 2009

So you're having twins

As my stomach gets bigger and I waddle through life, I am getting lots of questions and comments from both friends and strangers.

  • Wow you’re really big! When is your due date?
  • You look so small for carrying twins!
  • Mom your stomach is ginormous. Thanks sweetie. That’s a really big word. I know I looked up some words for huge in a thesaurus. Which one is your favorite?

Huge: behemothic, bulky, colossal, cyclopean, elephantine, enormous, extensive, gargantuan, giant, gigantic, great, gross*,hefty, humongous, immeasurable, immense, jumbo, leviathan, lusty, magnificent, mammoth, massive, mighty, mondo, monster*, monstrous*, monumental, mountainous, outsize, oversize, planetary, prodigious, stupendous, titanic, towering, tremendous, vast, walloping, whopping

  • Can you send me a picture of your belly? Ah no, I really don’t want to remember what I look like. Ok maybe one picture at the very end. That is the one I am going to use to justify taking money from the kids college fund to pay for plastic surgery.
  • Do twins run in your family? My dad’s mom is a twin and my mom’s sister had twins.
  • When and how did you find out you are having twins? At about 12 weeks, my doctor thought I was measuring large so he did an unplanned ultrasound. I was alone at the doc, because this was baby #3. I hear my doc say uh-oh and I start to panic. He says, I see two heartbeats and I hear nothing else. He spoke to me for 30 minutes about twin pregnancies and I heard nothing. My husband and children’s reactions were so funny they may be worth their own blog post.
  • Are you ready to be a mom of 4? Ready? What? No, I am scared to death! I know that God has a plan for our family and I am really trying to rest in Him.

This summer a friend of mine at gave away worship CDs called seeds. They are really cool and help you memorize Bible Verses. Well, I won the giveaway and I am totally hooked. I thought I’d close by sharing one of our family’s favorite.


  1. Love the blog title and background! I'm glad that I'll be able to keep up with y'all too so when we visit Big State it won't seem so long since the last time I've seen you. Congrats on the twins - you are an awesome Mom and your twins are lucky that God gave them to you and Papi S. I can't wait to get the email from Hat Chick that your bundles have arrived! -- Delaweird

  2. Well, I won't ask any of those questions. Hopped over from "Hat Chick's" site. Nice to meet you and your family. Welcome to blogging. You're gonna love it here.

  3. Oh,My! Memories they just all came back to me.
    Sorry I should'nt have ask you anything on the last post,,sometimes I forget :).

    But you do have one good one coming,
    ...When you are out with them,
    Are you ready for this ???
    .....Do you have twins?? Are they twins ??
    hahaha.. after the 6th time in one day, you are going to want to say something like this !!!

    No Mam, one is mine & I found one the same age & dressed them alike,,
    or ;;No Mam, I had one and made it stay little till I had this one..

    No I never said those kind of things but wanted to..LOL

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere! I am visiting you via HatChick, love her! Thanks for posting the seed at the end. I have never seen that before and it was great! Always looking for easy ways to memorize scripture.

  5. Hi! Came over from HatChick's to meet you! Congratulations on the additions to your family!
    Loved the seeds idea! Hide it in your heart!

  6. Congrats on your pregnancy and your new blog! I'm visiting on Hat Chick's recommendation. Can't wait to learn more about the twins and you too. :-)


  7. YEAH! I am so excited to be able to keep up with you via blogs! As soon as those twins arrive and you are "on your feet" we have to get these babies together and see each other! So happy you like the CDs...i LOVE them :) Love to your sweet family AND your Mom!