Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kids Camp 2010

My sweetie and I have the privilege to work with 4th and 5th graders every Sunday at church.  We love working with the kids and I learn a lot about Jesus in 5th grade Sunday school. One of the job perks is the opportunity to attend Kids Camp every year.  It is awesome time to get away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives and focus on the kids and learning about Jesus.   We love getting to know each child better.  Some of our favorite things about camp are rec time, capture the leader, worship, the kids talent show and cooling off with the kids in the pool.   This year my rec team beat my sweeties and you would think there was a cash prize involved.  44374_426284087947_567977947_4757939_5027036_n[1]

Go team PINK!!!!!

Every year the leaders dress up in camo and we play a giant game of hide and go seek.  Here is a picture from a few years back.8423_100355109983410_100000267631102_6224_6807155_n[1]

I love to watch the kids worship at camp and it is really neat to see lots of light bulb moments when they learn something new about Jesus.40447_426281212947_567977947_4757778_6731992_n[1]

This year I thought it would be fun to tie dye shirts.  It was fun, but after doing 125 t-shirts I won’t be tie dying anytime soon. 45665_426286837947_567977947_4757983_4244053_n[1]My favorite park about camp this year was watching Princess enjoy all of camp for the first time.38927_436341412936_811252936_4726661_3822538_n[1]

She loved every minute of it!38927_436341417936_811252936_4726662_7812492_n[1]

Hanging by the pool.


Studying the Bible.36831_436356722936_811252936_4726965_5357131_n[1]

Thank you Lord for a wonderful camp. 44854_426281312947_567977947_4757780_480268_n[1] What a blessing!!!

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