Wednesday, August 25, 2010

11 Months Old

My sweet girls are growing up so fast.  I can’t believe they are almost 1 and are really starting to communicate!  They both clap, dance, and wave all the time.   Sydney can even say mama!  I love to hear her chatter my name.IMG_2394

Sarah loves to clap and will do so anytime you say yay!!  She also likes to blow raspberries especially if she doesn’t like her dinner.IMG_2363

They are EVERYWHERE!!! IMG_2413

They love to unfold clean laundry and play in the basket.45094_427562074321_801729321_4588409_4015474_n[1]

They also like to climb into the dishwasher.  I know they are just trying to be helpful (HA HA), but right now they can make a big mess quickly.  Good thing they are so CUTE.  Sarah and Sydney love to take baths.  Bath time often happens several times a day, because they are messy eaters and it can make them happy anytime.  See what I mean.

IMG_2395 Life is so full and we are blessed!

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