Thursday, June 24, 2010

Swim Team

This year Gameboy joined Princess on the summer swim team and it was a great experience for both kids.scan0001

We were busy attending 4 practices a week at different times and our weekends were full with 9 swim meets.  We appreciate Daddy so much.  He got up super early every Saturday morning to set up our tent and make sure we had everything ready.   P5210052

 Princess loves to swim and all her hard work in year around swimming really paid off this season. She loves to be in the water, but also loves to hang out with her friends in between events.

IMG_2408 Her favorite strokes are 25M freestyle (19.16 sec), 25M backstroke (22.85 sec), and 25 M butterfly (24.87 seconds).     Her team does a great job of recognizing the kids improvements and Princess loves to get ribbons.  She still displays them proudly in her room.  We are so happy she found a sport she loves  and are looking forward to watching her swim year around again this year.

Gameboy has come a long way this swim season. P5210057 He started the year loving to be in the water, but never had a swim lesson.  His first practice he did a cannonball off the block.   Gameboy learned both the freestyle, backstroke and how to dive off the block.  In the beginning, it took him over a minute and a half to get across the pool.  He can now swim both strokes in less than 40 seconds.    He too loved meeting new friends and eating snacks at the meet.

Here he is ready to go.P6110228

Lots of family came to watch and Gameboy loved hanging out with family.P5210062

Sarah and Sydney were troopers and were very good on the long hot days.P5210053 P5210054  P5210055P5210056

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