Friday, April 23, 2010

Boys Getaway

Gameboy love 3 things very much.  Cars, his daddy and Nanny.  So he was so excited when Nanny invited him to a Nascar weekend in Dallas.  The weather did not cooperate so he did not get to see a race, but he still had a blast.  Here are some pictures from their adventure.P4160316

P4160320 P4170341

Gameboy’s cousin, uncle and Papa made the trip too.  They had a blast playing laser tag.   My sweetie is so competitive.  He had to bring home his 1st place scorecard.  P4170339P4160331 Nanny spoiled the boys with fun things to do and toys galore.  She even let them jump on the bed. P4160314 Here’s a few pictures from the racetrack.P4170368 P4170359


Thanks for a great weekend Nanny!

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