Friday, March 5, 2010

5 Months Old!!!

I can’t believe my little sweeties are 5 months old. They are so precious to me and our time together is going by so fast. I have not gotten a good picture of them together but I will post a few of them. They have really started to notice each other and they laugh at each other all day.Blog1

They are loving trying new foods, but are still really messy eaters. I think they spit out more than they eat.blog2

They can sit with help for a few seconds and love to watch Princess and Gameboy play.blog4

These pictures did not turn out well. See Sarah…she’s pinching Sydney in the arm. The next few are of them crying.

Sweet Sarahblog6

This is still her favorite toy!!blog8

Sydney Anneblog5


She loves to suck these two fingers.

5 months is a great age! Lots of smiles and laughs, sleeping through most nights, and not moving around when you set them down to play. Thank you Lord for these precious babies!!

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