Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My favorite time of year

Hello…hello….hello….is there anyone home?  Yes.   I am sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile.  Life has been good, but busy.  I promise to go back and update many pictures from the past 2 months. 

I love this time of year.  The kids are so excited about everything Christmas and we have fun together.  Tonight begins a 4 week series about the birth of Jesus at our church.  The kids love going.  The weather was pretty so we played outside and ate dinner at McDonalds on our way.  Here are some pictures from our fun day.IMG_2573

Sweet Sarah loves to be outside.  She often knocks on the door as her signal she wants to go outside.   IMG_2574 I love to listen to her laugh.  Anytime Gameboy is near she is usually laughing.  She really loves her bubba.IMG_2577

She had learned to walk and looks a lot like Frankenstein.   If she is in a hurry, she will crawl and I know that won’t last long. IMG_2578IMG_2592 Sweet Sydney loves to talk and points to everything.IMG_2590 She has the cutest personality and loves all the Christmas decorations.IMG_2604 If she’s not pointing her finger, she is clapping and trying to tell me something.  IMG_2598 IMG_2602







Princess and Gameboy love eating out.  I love eating out too, but McD’s is not my favorite.   Look how big Princess is getting!IMG_2613

She is such a big helper and mini mama.IMG_2614

The babies loved playing.IMG_2615 IMG_2618








Sydney loved sliding!  (look at the static in her hair)IMG_2620

Such a simple and fun day. 

Here’s is today’s Advent reading: "If I don't have a vision, my hope in a joyful future can wane when faced with the realities of the world. If I'm serious about preparing for Christ in my life, I've got to know the world that He hopes for. I've got to learn to love what He loves." Lord, give me the longing for the richness of your reign in the now and the not yet. Isa 25:6-10

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  1. Love these photos and the uplifting verse! Thank you, friend!