Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gameboy is 7!


See this cute baby who used to play peek a boo with me inside the kitchen cabinets. He is still cute, but he is definitely not a baby anymore. It hard to believe he is 7! The time has gone by so fast and this boy has brought so much joy to our house. He is funny, smart, and has a heart of gold. We wanted to celebrate his big day in a special way so we had a party at one of his favorite places.IMG_6635IMG_6633You can tell by the look on Gameboy’s face that he was so excited about his big day. In fact, it was his favorite birthday ever. He loved seeing his friends and playing laser tag. All the boys had a great time and their #1 goal was to beat Daddy!

Gearing up to play.IMG_6639

IMG_6645 IMG_6660

Everyone played lots of rounds, but Daddy always came in first. Then we ate pizza and cake. Gameboy wanted a giant cookie cake this year.IMG_6629


Gameboy is blessed with good friends who made his party special.IMG_6677


He got lots of great gifts. His favorites include legos, a portable Dvd player, Wii Mario Galaxy 2, and Wii Harry Potter. Gameboy I pray that this is a wonderful year for you. You are so special to us!


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