Friday, May 28, 2010

8 months old

Papa came to visit and took lots of great pictures of us. We had a nice time visiting with him.


Sarah Beth and Sydney Anne have spent lots of time on the floor. DSC_0508

Learning to crawl and playing with toys.


This is really fun, but sometimes it wears us out or we get frustrated.IMG_2279

We are getting teeth and chew on everything! DSC_0521

Sarah is working on her top two teeth and Sydney is working on her bottom two teeth. DSC_0518

We have lots of drool and mommy changes our clothes often.DSC_0529We are all smiles most of the day.DSC_0519

Especially when Princess and Gameboy are around.DSC_0539

IMG_2254 IMG_2259








We love hanging out together. IMG_2266 We crack each other up.IMG_2275 We can make each other cry over toys.IMG_2267 But we make up quickly. IMG_2274 Being 8 months old is good.IMG_2276

We love you Sarah and Sydney!

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